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Window 10 CompatiblejPDFProcess is a Java library to create and manipulate PDF documents that can be used to deliver customized PDF content to your users or to process incoming PDF content. jPDFProcess has a simple interface to work with PDF documents and is designed to be integrated easily and seamlessly into your PDF document workflow. The library provides a large amount of PDF functionality to handle all your document processing needs. Main Features - Create PDF documents - Assemble documents (split, merge, combine, remove pages) - Encrypt documents using RC4 or AES encryption, set passwords and permissions - Apply and verify digital signatures - Import, export and fill interactive form data - Convert documents to TIFF, JPEG, PNG images - Extract text content - Print PDF documents - Convert PDFs to images - Optional OCR module - Add file attachments, header & footers, watermarks, bookmarks - Edit document properties such as title, keywords, subject - Create PDF layers and draw onto them - Linearize PDF documents for fast web viewing - Works on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X (100% Java) - Tested on JDK 1.4.2 and above - Can be deployed in various environments (J2EE, ESB servers)

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